Protection of Personal Data



Personal data processor – Provider:

Zeleno pleme
Headquarters: Bevke 14, 1358 Log pri Brezovici, Slovenija
Tax ID number: SI 48944181
ID number: 3918653000

Contact information for users in relation to personal data processing:
Phone number: +386 41 870 880


In certain cases, transferring a user’s personal information to the provider is necessary for the administrator to fulfil their contractual obligations to the user. The administrator permanently protects collected personal data in keeping with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), The Law on Protection of Personal Data (official consolidated text) (Official Gazette of RS, no. 94/07), Electronic Communications Act (Official Gazette of RS, Nos. 109/12, 110/13, 40/14 – ZIN-B, 54/14 – dec. US, 81/15 and 40/17 ).

We keep and process the personal data, which was entered by you in the process of subscribing to our notifications, for the purposes of maintaining contact with the user, marketing notification via email, and sales promotion. In connection to the sent email messages, we record the displaying of messages received on the part of individuals and clicks on the links in the received messages. To ensure a superior and better-targeted offer and to adapt further messages, the recorded data is automatically processed, analysed, profiled and the customers’ interest in the sent messages is evaluated. We do not conduct automated decision-making based on the recorded data.


For the purposes of notification via email, communication with the user, and providing services, we keep the following data (* – the data is not required during registration, and is kept only if the user provides it during registration):

  • Email address
  • Name*
  • Surname*
  • Company*
  • Phone number*
  • Address*


We do not share your data with third parties except with our subcontractors, with which we have a contract about the protection of personal data, and which are obliged by contract to adhere to the same standards of personal protection as the processor.


Personal data is acquired by express consent or consensus of individuals. We keep documents of consent alongside their content and the content of the form by means of which it was acquired.


Your data is kept on our server, which is protected by password and limited physical access. The personal data collected in communication with a particular person is stored on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and is not passed on to third parties. For sending emails to several persons simultaneously, we use MailChimp. We record the following information: the personal data you have entered in the form, the information about when you opened our email message, and information about which content in the message you click on. This data is transferred into MailChimp for processing in keeping with their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.



Your rights concerning your personal data with us:

  • The Right to be Forgotten – in case an individual no longer wishes for their personal data kept and processed by the administrator to be processed, and providing there are no legal reasons to keep it further they may at any time demand that their data be deleted.
  • The right to know how long personal data will be kept
  • The right to demand access to your personal data, or its ammendation, deletion, to lodge a complaint or an objection to the processing of their personal data
  • The right to demand the restriction of the processing of personal data
  • The right to transferability – an individual may, should they wish, demand that the processor provide them with personal data relating to them, which they communicated to the administrator in a structured, widely used, and machine-readable form.
  • The right to legal remedy and sanction – an individual has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority as well as the right to legal remedy against the decision of the supervisory authority or in the case of failure of the supervisory authority to act, the right to compensation and liability.
  • The right to not be subjected to measures arising solely from profiling, analysis, or supposition based on the use of automated means of processing.
  • The right to withdraw consent – an individual has the right to withdraw their consent for further processing of personal data, particularly in the case of direct marketing.


Personal data about individuals is kept until the cancellation of consent to its keeping and processing. You may cancel your consent to receive electronic messages at any time (which is done by written request or by changing your profile settings), or you may demand that your personal data is immediately efficiently and perpetually erased. Aside from demanding complete deletion, you may also at any time demand that your data be amended or changed. You can also change the data at any time by yourself or withdraw your consent to receive messages on your user profile.


In case the above-stated reasons for our keeping and processing of personal data cease, the collections of data for which the reason has ceased, will be immediately efficiently and permanently erased. We keep the data about the displaying of received messages and clicks on the links in the received messages for 12 months after the message in question has been sent.


If you believe that your rights were violated, you can lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner (Address: Dunajska 22, 1000 Ljubljana, Email address: Phone: 012309730, Internet site: